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    Floor tape

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    JekaShop has a wide selection of floor tape, also known as floor marking tape. There is an assortment of sizes, colours, and qualities available, including anti-slip varieties. With the help of tape, it is easy to apply lines or marking to the floor. Floor marking tape also works exceptionally well for the application of 5S and Lean methods.

    Floor tape: applying floor marking quickly

    With our tape, you can quickly and easily apply lines and borders to the floor in many locations, e.g. the office, parking garage, school, workplace, or hospital. This is much faster than painting and, most importantly, much easier. We offer various solutions in the floor tape product range:

    PermaStripe floor tape

    PermaStripe floor marking tape is suited for applying lines and markings. It is an excellent alternative to painting. The sloping edges make it less susceptible to damage than normal floor marking tape. The tape is wear resistant and features a top layer of anti-slip coating, which minimises the risk of slipping on the tape.

    PermaStripe Smooth floor tape

    PermaStripe Smooth is the smooth version of standard PermaStripe floor tape. Thanks to its smooth surface, this tape is less prone to dirt accumulation and easier to clean. This makes the floor tape well suited to environments where hygiene is important. In addition, the tape has all the positive qualities of standard PermaStripe.

    Rapid Marking floor tape

    This Rapid Marking tape, is suited to applying lines and markings. It is an excellent alternative to painting. It is available on a roll and in smaller lengths. The width is always 50 mm.

    Anti-slip floor tape

    This anti-slip tape offers the best of both worlds: floor marking and safety. It is suitable for applying lines and markings. The anti-slip tape features a wear-resistant, anti-slip top layer, which minimises the chance of slipping on the tape. It is also suitable for outdoor use.

    Glow-in-the-dark floor tape

    This glow-in-the-dark tape is highly wear resistant and very well suited for applying lines to the floor. The tape glows in the dark and is often used in warehouses. It features an anti-slip top layer. Available in widths of 50, 75, and 100 mm.

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