Costs & Method

Country Package (<£44.50), includes fee for small orders Package (>£44.50) Pallet 
United Kingdom £33.38 £31.11 £146.85
Prices do not include VAT

The costs above are for processing, packaging, and shipping. 

Why are the shipping costs so high for an order below £44.50?

For orders of less than £44.50, our webshop will automatically charge £20.03 (not including VAT). These are not just shipping costs: they include a small fee for small orders. This is charged to cover the costs of the administrative processing and packaging of your order. If your order exceeds the minimum, other amounts apply (see the overview above).

Delivery times

The exact delivery times are shown on the product page.

Shipping Address

During the ordering process, the first thing you enter is the shipping address. If you would like your package delivered to a different address, you can change it. If this is the case, enter a different shipping address during the ordering process. 

Do you have any other questions? If so, please contact us.