Column Sentry plastic column protector

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  • The original, patented, plastic column protector;
  • Excellent impact protection;
  • Easy to install, no tools necessary;
  • Suitable for square posts and columns with a thickness of 10-51 cm.

The Column Sentry is easy to assemble and disassemble around any post or column and does not require any tools. The Column Sentry consists of two plastic parts, which must be secured using the provided hook-and-loop straps. This makes the Column Sentry perfectly suited for temporary use as well.

The Column Sentry behaves like a cushion and is easily able to withstand a significant impact. This protects the post or column as well as the vehicle and its driver. After impact, the Column Sentry returns to its original shape. The ventilation holes ensure that air can escape upon impact, so that the Column Sentry does not break.


Colour: yellow

Material: low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Mounting: hook-and-loop straps (included)

Height: 107 cm


  • Opening 10 x 10 cm: 35.6 cm
  • Opening 15 x 15 cm: 35.6 cm
  • Opening 20 x 20 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening 25 x 25 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening 30 x 30 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening 35 x 35 cm: 84 cm
  • Opening 40 x 40 cm: 84 cm
  • Opening 45 x 45 cm: 97 cm
  • Opening 51 x 51 cm: 84 cm


  • Colour
  • Manufacturer
    Sentry Protection Products
  • Material
    Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Use type
    In- & outdoor use
  • Height
    107 cm
  • Mounting type
    hook-and-loop straps (included)

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