Anti-slip floor pictogram: “Warning: Forklift Area”

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Product description

  • Pictogram: “Warning: Forklift Area”
  • Colour: yellow with black print;
  • Self-adhesive;
  • Anti-slip, class R9 (indoor use);
  • Triangle, 430 mm. 

These anti-slip floor pictograms are intended for use in industrial settings, warehouses, and buildings that require visual safety instructions. The anti-slip top layer substantially reduces the chance of slipping and falling.

The products are made of high-quality plastic and feature a strong adhesive layer. This makes the pictograms highly durable and ensures that they stay firmly attached to the surface. For the best possible adhesive bond, we recommend that the surface is cleaned thoroughly in advance and that all dust and grease is removed.

The pictograms can also be applied to surfaces such as doors or walls.

Technical information

Colour White
Manufacturer Heskins
Material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Surface Anti-Slip
Use type Indoor use
Mounting type Self-adhesive
Adhesive layer Acrylic based
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