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Floor marking dots (20 pack / 100 pack)

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  • Self-adhesive dot (circle) floor markings;
  • Can be used to create various line markings;
  • Easy to apply and easy to replace;
  • Wear-resistant top layer, strong adhesive layer for the best possible bond;
  • Dimensions: small (ø 60 mm / 2.4 in), large (ø 90 mm / 3.5 in);
  • Sold in packages of 20 or 100 (incl. measuring tape).
  • Excellent alternative to floor tape;

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Dot floor markings are useful for applying lines in a warehouse or storage space, but also work extremely well in areas such as offices, parking garages, schools, workshops, or hospitals. The dots can also be used to mark areas around a door. They are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to floor tape, especially when used in combination with other floor marking shapes such as corner pieces. If a dot in the line is damaged, you only have to replace that one dot as opposed to the entire line, which would be required if tape were used.


  • Small: ø 60 mm / 2.4 inch
  • Large: ø 90 mm / 3.5 inch
  • Thickness: 0.78 mm / 31 mils


  • Colour: Yellow / White / Red / Green / Blue / Black / Orange (other colours upon request, striped and glow-in-the-dark are also available)
  • Material: Plastic. PVC top layer and rubber adhesive layer (glassine paper liner).
  • Total weight (per piece): 1050 g/m²

Dots in combination with other floor marking shapes

Jeka’s floor marking shapes are designed to match each other in size. The sizes of all the floor marking shapes are based on the large Jeka floor marking dots (ø 60 mm for the small shapes and ø 90 mm for the large shapes). This creates a uniform look if different shapes are used together.

The floor marking shapes are available directly from our inventory.


Unprinted Floor Marking Data Sheet
Installation Instructions for Floor Marking


  • Manufacturer
  • Material
    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Use type
    Indoor use
  • Thickness
    0,78 mm
  • Mounting type
  • Adhesive layer
    Rubber based

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