Warehouse Signs

Efficient Signposting

You need to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse and you do not know how to proceed? A well elaborate and thought over system of warehouse signs is essential and there Jeka, for several decades trendsetter in the field of warehouse logistics, can help. For years we have developed warehouse managing systems that suit human physical and mental conditions. To work fast and safely your staff must be able to read and understand all signs very easily in varying circumstances, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.


The result, a significant workload decrease and a considerable cut in expenses, is of the utmost importance but difficult to achieve. No wonder we turned to science in search for solutions.

Scientific Approach

We apply the latest scientific knowledge in all our warehouse signs developing management systems that are systematic and consistent, but also simple because logical. Our lokas, labels and floor markings etc. can

more than stand set international standards and are widely used in very different circumstances and configurations. Our competent advisors can integrate them in to a comprehensive system appropriate to your situation. Due to our own dedicated production facilities in the Netherlands we can execute the latest improvements instantly and very easily to your full benefit.

We are cooperating very closely with colleagues, universities and specialized consultants to study and test logistical procedures in warehouses to assure that our warehouse signs stay the best there is. To find solutions applicable in your situation or to stay in touch with the latest (scientific) results in the field of warehouse management you can visit our learning center at www.JekaShop.com. We are happy to share our know-how.

Jeka, master in developing warehouse signs!