Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse equipment that matters

Is your company in real need of rationalizing inefficient procedures in your warehouse? Have rising costs and increasing work pressure for your staff really got intolerable? Then effective warehouse equipment allowing the construction of intelligent and efficient warehouse management systems becomes pivotal. But do not worry, JekaShop - for several decades leading in the field of warehouse logistics - can help.

Warehouse equipment

As real professionals we have studied how staff acts in all kinds of situations and what they need to handle their tasks effectively and in the most efficient manner, even under the hardest conditions. We applied this knowledge to all our products, making it easy to integrate them in comprehensive management systems based on logic and consistency. The result: a significant reduction of costs and of otiose efforts of your staff.

High flexibility guaranteed

It will only take one call to our experienced advisors to transform our warehouse equipment in to a tailor-made system, perfectly suited to your specific needs. A system that guarantees the highest form of flexibility by using high quality materials provided with the latest technology.

Our magnetic labels and barcode labels can be used when conditions are hard (freezing temperatures) or necessitate an ongoing alteration of data. These products can be attached to all kinds of metal racks and infinitely be removed or repositioned, while special markers can make texts applied on them erasable. Our label holder (C-profile), enabling a swift exchange of labels, will also fit in volatile conditions that demand continuous alteration.

Warehouse equipment for optimal efficiency

Our warehouse equipment is also of great use in (more) permanent fixtures. Our normal signs, floor markings and warehouse labels are provided with a strong adhesive layer guaranteeing adhesion to practically every common rack. Barcodes will enable ‘automatic identification for faultless registration’ allowing a track-and-trace system that will optimize the efficiency in your warehouse by giving an excellent survey of all logistical flows in action.

Our durable do-it-your-self lettering and numbering for signs, racks and cabinets will help you to make these materials appropriate for your own situation. Magnetic letters and numbers even guarantee flexibility due to their possibility of continual reuse. Our clearly visible and difficult to damage floor markers will on their turn be very instrumental to label all stock locations, work areas, production areas and transport aisles etc. in a long-lasting manner.

Jeka creates state of the art warehouse equipment using cutting-edge technology. So do not hesitate and go for Jeka!