Sticky labels

An important factor in increasing the efficiency in your workplace is creating an orderly production process. An essential part of many logistical processes are sticky labels, also called self-adhesive labels. With these labels you can indicate sections and speed up the production process by using barcode labels. At Jekashop we offer a range of different labels, which all come in the self-adhesive variant known as sticky labels.

Sticky labelsWhen you are in need of location indicators, warehouse labels can be your answer. These warehouse labels are available in different sizes, colours and come in two varieties: magnetic and self-adhesive. The magnetic labels are easy to remove, while self-adhesive labels or sticky labels are better suited for permanent solutions. When labels are regularly changed a useful type of label is our warehouse label which you can place in a label holder. The label holders are well-suited to use on racks and shelves in your warehouse environment. These holders also come in both magnetic and self-adhesive versions. As you can see, Jekashop provides various types of labels and label holders you can use in a warehouse or other similar environments.

Jekashop offers magnetic and self-adhesive labels in the following variations:

  • Colours: blue, yellow, green, red, orange or white.
  • Width: 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm or 50 mm.
  • Length: 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm or in rolls of 10 m.

The text on the magnetic or sticky labels is always printed in black. In addition to location numbers, the labels can also be printed with a text of your own choice such as article codes or names.

Magnetic or sticky labels

All our labels are available with a magnetic back layer. These labels have a magnetic base, which enables a connection to materials such as metal rack beams. Magnetic labels can easily be attached, repositioned and removed over and over again. Magnetic labels and magnetic label holders are useful in situations where adhesive labels are not required, such as on refrigerators, freezer cells or metallic frames. They can also be used inside cold stores and freezing chambers, since the low temperature doesn’t have a negative impact on the adhesion of the magnetic back layer. The magnetic labels we offer at Jekashop come as blanks, which makes it possible to write your own information on them. This information can be written on the magnetic labels with a pen or marker. If you prefer permanent labels, the self-adhesive or sticky labels are a better option.

Sticky labels with barcode

We also offer pre-printed barcode labels, which are perfectly suited to use on racks in warehouses and come in various colours and sizes as well as in magnetic or self-adhesive versions. These barcode labels can be printed with a barcode, location number and check digit, just as with the printed floor markings we offer at Jekashop. There are different barcode types available. The main difference between these different barcodes is the amount of different characters they contain, the space between the stripes and thickness of these stripes. We offer barcodes which can contain numbers as well as letters and barcodes which only contain numbers. Different barcode types which are a little less common, are also available on request.

A new and upcoming type of barcode in the warehouse environment is the 2D barcode. An example that many people are familiar with is the QR-code. These 2D barcodes can contain more data and with these, an order pick gathers the right products and registers a batch or serial number. Warehouse environments in which this barcode is getting more popular are automotive and pharmaceutical industries. The barcode labels we offer can come with a 2D barcode if this is requested.

Label quality

Sticky labelsIn contrast to labels made by competitors, all of our warehouse labels are laminated. A transparent top layer guarantees an excellent protection of the print and therefore prevents anything affecting the label. This provides your labels with a long lifetime, so you don’t have to replace them too often. Our magnetic and sticky labels can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Our self-adhesive or sticky labels have a strong permanent adhesive layer and therefore adhere to surface. Just make sure the surface is smooth, flat and fat-free when you put on the sticky label.

Our warehouse labels, which we call Loka's, are available in different qualities:

  • Loka Premium: A hardy printed label with a strong adhesive layer. This label is compatible with any flat surface and all common rack types.
  • Loka Lite: A universal and flexible label. This label is compatible with any surface and is designed to be used in locations where minimal damage is expected, such as surfaces.
  • Loka Long Distance: Also a hardy printed label with a strong adhesive layer, but with an additional retro-reflecting inner layer. The label is designed for situations where scan distances are long or when lighting conditions are not optimal. 


Have a look at our range of warehouse labels in our web shop. Do you have any questions about our magnetic or sticky labels? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors.