Rack Sentry plastic rack protector

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  • Absorbs impact;
  • Can be easily installed directly onto the rack;
  • Retains its shape even after impact.

Protect your racks with the Rack Sentry which is made out of flexible plastic. The Rack Sentry provides exceptional impact protection and returns to its original shape after impact.

Installation is a piece of cake. The Rack Sentry is secured to the rack using the provided hook-and-loop strap.


Colour: yellow

Material: ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

Mounting: hook-and-loop strap (included)

Height: 45.7 cm


  • Rack width 7.5 and 8 cm: 13.3 cm
  • Rack width 9 and 10 cm: 15.6 cm
  • Rack width 12 cm: 18.5 cm


  • Rack width 7.5 and 8 cm: 15.2 cm
  • Rack width 9 and 10 cm: 16.5 cm
  • Rack width 12 cm: 18.5 cm


  • Material
    Polyethylene (PE)
  • Use type
    In- & outdoor use