Arrow - Glow in the dark tape

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Product description

These glow in the dark arrows glow as soon as it is dark. With these self-adhesive floor marking arrows, it is easy to create markings. In the light, these arrows are white and they glow green in the dark. Sizes: Large = 190 x 130 mm and Small = 90 x 130 mm.

Because our glow in the dark tape arrows light up in the dark, they are ideal to further improve safety, for example to mark escape routes when lighting has failed.

With the arrows, you can easily apply markings in a warehouse, as well as in an office, parking garage, school, workplace or hospital.

The glow in the dark arrows adhere easily to a dry, grease-free, clean surface. The adhesive layer is covered with a protective foil, which is removed before placement. The adhesive layer is soft enough to penetrate the pores of the floor, therefore providing excellent adhesion to the surface.

The glow in the dark tape can, of course, also be used for decoration, for example in a child’s bedroom.

Glow in the dark tape – Arrow:

    • Thickness: 0.78 mm;
    • Material: PVC;
    • Colour: glow in the dark, white in normal light and green luminescent in the dark;
    • Afterglow: has an afterglow lasting approximately 1 hour.

Download: Datasheet Unprinted Floor Marking

Technical information

Colour Glow-in-the-dark
Manufacturer JEKA
Material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Use type Indoor use
Glow duration 1 hour
Thickness 0,99 mm
Mounting type Self-adhesive
Adhesive layer Rubber based
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