GenieGrips® Cushions - protective cushions for fork carriages

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Product description

  • Protects the back of the forks and cargo from damage;
  • Easy to mount due to the integrated magnets;
  • Made with yellow rubber making it clearly visible for maximum safety.

GenieGrips® Cushions  absorb impact if goods come into contact with the back of the forks. They are magnetically mounted to the tine carriages.

GenieGrips® Cushions eliminate friction and soften any impact that goods may sustain when being lifted, loaded, and moved. They are very easy to install and have three strong magnets, which attach firmly to the forklift tine carriage. GenieGrips® Cushions are specially designed to be used together with the GenieGrips® Mats or GenieGrips® Caps for complete protection of the forklift tines.



  • Width: 100 mm / 125 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm
  • Height: 450 mm to 900 mm
  • Depth: 24 mm
  • Cushion thickness: 13.5 mm


  • Mat: Rubber with anti-slip material
  • Magnet type: Ferrite pot magnet
  • Magnet strength: 21 kg
  • Colour: yellow

In the box:

  • 2 GenieGrips® Cushions


GenieGrips® is a registered trademark of GenieGrips Pty Ltd.

Technical information

Colour Yellow
Manufacturer GenieGrips®
Material Rubber
Use type In- & outdoor use