Workplace safety is concerned with preventing injury and illness for employees in a workplace environment. By careful planning and using the right equipment you can provide your workers with a safe environment in which they can work in an efficient way. To create this safe workplace your company has to realize what potential health and safety hazards are present to make sure accidents can be prevented.

workplace safety

Employers have a duty by law to take reasonable care for the safety of their employees. Workplace safety, also referred to as occupational safety and health, can be defined as a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. To maintain a safe work environment it is important to have a safety and health program in place and use the right equipment to guide your employees in their activities and tasks. Good occupational health and safety (OSH) practices can reduce injury and illness of your employees, which not only reduces medical costs but also provides your workers with an environment in which they feel safe and can work comfortable. 

Satisfy your employees and increase your profit

An orderly and safe work environment is the key to an efficient and successful operation. Although creating a safe workspace may require some effort, the benefits it brings outweigh these efforts by far. By implementing a safety and health program through safety equipment you can prevent accidents and serious injuries from happening. Not only will this reduce your loss in work by keeping your employees happy and healthy, a clear and safe work procedure will increase their efficiency all together. In a structured work environment workers follow instructions, don’t get injured and products get less damaged. All these factors contribute to the efficiency of your workplace. When workers know what they’re supposed to do and how do this, workplace disruptions can easily be prevented and they will be less absent due to injury. Safety procedures often get disregarded due to lack of time or money, but remember: a safe work environment is an efficient work environment. And of course an efficient work environment and satisfaction of your employees can increase your company’s profit. If you would like advice about creating an orderly and safe work environment, feel free to contact one of our experts. 

Workplace safety: The equipment you need

Workplace safety has a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards. By organizing your workplace in such a manner that workers know where they have to be and how everything works, you can prevent these hazards. At Jekashop we offer everything you need to organize your workplace in an efficient and clear manner. By using floor marking you can easily indicate paths, pallet storage areas, work areas or transportation routes. The floor markings come in different colours and shapes, which you can use to make a distinction between different areas or paths. Our floor marking is designed for durability, which means we guarantee longevity. Another range of products we offer are different types of safety mirrors. These mirrors can be used at corners or blind spots to make sure your workers are aware of their surroundings at all times. These mirrors come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the mirror which is best suitable for your work area. Our mirrors are made of light weight materials to ensure they can be mounted from a ceiling or on a wall, but meanwhile maintain their robustness. We also provide location signs which can be used to indicate aisles, racks, sections or other locations. These signs can be used by your workers for a quick orientation, or to easily scan a product through our scan signs. All our signs are steel-based so they are durable and can used outside, as well as indoors. One of the type of signs we offer is the triangle sign, a sign which provides your employees with a view of the section from different angles. Finally, we offer a range of impact protection products which can prevent severe accidents and therefore injury and loss of products. By installing these impact protection products, such as fences, barriers or bars, the damage caused by a crash can be greatly reduced. 

JekaShop offers all the right equipment to create a safe and efficient work environment for your employees and therefore helps increase your profits. So have a look in our webshop to find the right equipment for your company.