To create an efficient and safe work environment for your workers it is important to organise your warehouse in the right way. There are many ways to organise your workspace and by implementing one of these methods or warehouse solutions, you can create the right environment for your workers and increase the productivity of your company. At Jekashop we offer a range of products which can be helpful in implementing one of the warehouse solutions suitable for your company.

Warehouse solutions

With the right warehouse management you can increase the efficiency in your warehouse and make sure your workers can do their work in a safe environment by preventing accidents. By implementing warehouse solutions suitable for your company and work environment you can create this safe environment and increase your profits at the same time. The right warehouse solution can increase your storage capacity, create a safe standard for your employees and speed up the production process in a safe manner.

Different warehouse solutions

There are a lot of different methods and warehouse solutions to organise a warehouse or work environment. A few of these methods are colour coding, the 5S method or the lean method. Colour coding is a system for displaying information by using different colours.

The United Kingdom among many other countries, has adopted a scheme for colour coding with red indicating danger, white indicating safety and other colours each having a similar assignment of meaning. In a warehouse environment colour codes can be created by using floor marking.

Another one of the more well-known warehouse solutions is the implementation of the 5S method. The 5S-method originates from Japan and consists of five phases, each starting with the letter S. These different phases can help you organise your workspace by storing items in an effective way, maintaining the area and sustaining the new order created. The implementation of these method can also be realised by using floor marking, with which you can create paths, storage areas and transportation routes.

The lean method, or lean manufacturing is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within the manufacturing process. By designing a simple manufacturing system you can reduce the time spent on production and increase your profit. Floor marking, location signs, barcode labels and platform ladders. All these products can help you with implementing this warehouse solution and increase the efficiency in your production process.

Warehouse solutions: what can we offer you?Warehouse solutions

Jekashop offers a lot of different products which can aid you in setting up your warehouse storage solutions and designing an efficient work environment. 

First of all, we offer a wide range of unprinted and printed floor marking. Our floor marking comes in different shapes and sizes to fit your every need. A few shapes we offer are dots, t-pieces, footsteps, arrows and corner pieces. Our floor markings come in different colours as well, such as bright yellow, white, blue, green, red, black and striped. With these visible floor markings you can divide your warehouse into different areas and create paths.

Another category of products we offer is the location sign, which comes in different types as well. Except for the normal signs we offer, you can also choose from a range of triangle signs and scan signs for your wall or ceiling. Our signs come in different colours, such as yellow, white, blue, green and red. You can also choose a preferred height for the signs and add your own custom text to the signs. With these signs you can indicate areas, such as storage areas, work areas and aisles.

Some of our other products which can be of aid in making secure your work environment is a safe one, are our safety mirrors and the products we offer in impact protection. Although safety mirrors might not be something that comes to mind when you think about warehouse solutions, they can play a vital role in organising your workplace in an efficient way. These mirrors offer a wide view of your workspace and by creating this overview you can increase the productivity and safety of your employees. Some of the products we offer in impact protection are crash protection guards, safety barriers, fences, bollards and bars.

The main focus of these products is the safety in your warehouse, but they also increase efficiency by preventing these accidents. Therefore these products are an important part in the organising of your work environment and the warehouse solutions used to achieve a pleasant workplace.