When working in a warehouse environment, signs can be very helpful in maintaining order and safety. By using warehouse signs you can sort your products and increase the efficiency. Warehouse signs can indicate sections, racks, aisles or other locations in work environments such as industrial or logistical environments and warehouses. These signs, also called locations signs, provide your workers with a structured workspace in which a quick orientation is possible. Finding your way in an quick and logical way is necessary in maintaining an efficient and safe work environment.

warehouse signs

Especially in a big warehouse with machines and lots of employees walking around, warehouse or location signs can be a vital part of your work environment.  Not only can warehouse signs increase efficiency, they can prevent accidents by making sure your workers work in a structured manner.  Use these warehouse signs to categorise your products or identify certain sections in the workspace. By putting up location signs you can introduce standard procedures and prevent accidents and a loss of time. Make sure to always provide your employees or visitors with the right training so they are aware of the meaning of different signs and the procedures in your warehouse environment. 

Warehouse signs at JekaShop

warehouse signs

At JekaShop we offer different kinds of location signs, such as standard signs, scan signs and triangle signs. Scan signs are signs you can hang from the wall or ceiling. The advantage of these signs is that they can be placed above a certain section in a way that they can be scanned from a certain distance. These signs help your employees scan certain products in a efficient way. Another type of sign we offer is the triangle sign, also called triangle location sign. These signs are also placed above a certain section, to indicate which area this is and the advantage of these signs is that they can be viewed from different sides. All the signs we offer at JekaShop can be used to identify aisles, sections, areas or loading stations. All of our signs can be used outdoors as well as indoors and come in a wide range of standard sizes. Because all of our location signs are steel based, they are very robust and last a very long time. The base of the signs includes galvanized sheet steel which is 1 mm thick and the signs have an edge of protective plastic. To make sure the signs get noticed we provide signs sprayed yellow on both sides. However, if you prefer your warehouse signs to be a different colour, you can choose another colour when selecting and ordering your sign. Interested what we have to offer you with our versatile range? Take a look at the different warehouse or location signs we offer in our online shop.    

Warehouse signs, custom made to fit your needs

All the location signs we offer can be designed in a manner that is suitable for your specific workspace. As you have just read our warehouse signs are available in different colours, such as yellow, white, blue, green and red.  You can choose what colour you prefer or choose the colour depending on the purpose and application of the signs. Our signs can also be provided with a chosen code or text, on both the front and back of the sign. You can also choose to place coding on our signs by using magnetic numbers of letters or even magnetic barcode labels. The text on our signs is black to make sure it’s always easy to read. Although we offer our signs in a variety of standard sizes, it is also possible to order other sizes on request. If you have questions regarding the possibilities with our custom location signs, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors. Our advisors can tell you about the possibilities and details of our warehouse signs. Or have a look at the range of scan signs, triangle signs and other location signs we offer in our online shop.