Companies tend to focus most of their safety efforts on transport vehicles and manufacturing sites. However, a warehouse can also be a dangerous work environment. Workers in warehousing have a higher than average chance of being seriously injured at work. That’s why warehouse safety should be of concern to everyone working in the warehouse industry. By careful planning and by providing a safe environment you can prevent accidents and serious injuries from happening.

Accidents in a warehouse environment tend to be less severe than most accidents occurring in a transportation or manufacturing environment. These relatively minor accidents can however still seriously injure employees and lead to less productivity. A safe, orderly, efficient warehouse is a key to a successful operation. Creating a safe work environment requires some effort, but brings benefits to employees and management.

Slips, trips and falls

The most common injuries in a warehouse environment fall into the category slips, trips, and falls. When an employee carries and moves materials on different levels or different types of floor surfaces, they can easily lose their balance or stumble over something laying around. This is a very common warehouse hazard that can be easily avoided by making sure your workspace is clean and materials aren’t just laying around without a purpose.

Ergonomic injuries

Manual lifting can be a major source for back injuries if you don’t lift properly. There are several ergonomic solutions to common warehouse problems as back pain, employees need to understand the importance of proper lifting techniques. If you don't lift properly, you can hurt your back and struggle with a load that's too high or unbalanced to move easily. Then you're at risk not just of back injuries but of tripping or bumping into things. By teaching and showing employees the right lifting techniques, injuries and damaged products can be prevented. It is also recommended to always push, rather than pull a heavy load when this is possible.

Warehouse safety involving machinery

An important hazard in warehouse safety is working with heavy equipment or machinery. When employees work with heavy equipment or machinery every day, they tend to get very comfortable with it. While they get more familiar with the machinery, the danger involved is that the employee can start to underestimate the danger of the machine. Make sure employees are aware of the dangers that come with these machines and handle them with care every time they use them. Also, invest in safety mirrors and floor marking to prevent accidents involving heavy equipment. With safety mirrors on every corner in your warehouse, employees are aware of their surroundings at all times. Jekashop offers a range of safety mirrors, just take a look in our webshop.  By using floor marking it is easy to indicate lines, storage areas, work areas and transportation routes in a warehouse. Jekashop offers all sorts of floor marking, specifically designed for these uses. 

Even though safety mirrors and careful handling highly increase warehouse safety, accidents can still occur. With heavy machinery involved, an important factor in warehouse safety is minimizing the impact of an accident. With minimizing this impact you can prevent serious injury for your employees and make sure your products don’t get damaged. Jekashop offers different products providing impact protection.

 Warehouse safety increases profit

Safety procedures are frequently disregarded due to insufficient time and money to due to a lack of resources. However, when safety procedures are implemented right there are major benefits. For example, a higher employee satisfaction as well as an increased productivity. A safe warehouse is an efficient warehouse. In a safe work environment employees follow clear instructions, don’t get injured and less products get damaged through preventable accidents. All these factors contribute to the efficiency. When employees know what they’re supposed to do and how they’re supposed to do it, they can prevent workplace disruptions and being absent due to an injury. Proper training in handling the machinery can also minimize equipment downtime.

Not providing the right training is one of the biggest causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace. By implementing a system with rules concerning safety you can provide a safe environment for your employees, which will increase efficiency and thereby increase a company’s profit.