To reduce costs and increase your profits it is important to have a efficient work environment. One of the methods you can implement to increase efficiency in your warehouse or other industrial environments is called Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a worldwide known method with which you can improve the results of your company by reducing costs and shortening your production process. At Jekashop we offer different products which can help you implement this method in a clear and effective way.

Six Sigma

Nowadays there are a lot of different methods you can use to improve the efficiency of your workplace and employees in it. A few of these methods are the 5S method, color coding and the Lean Six Sigma method. The Lean Six Sigma method provides organizations with the tools to improve capability of their processes, such as the production process. This increase in efficiency and performance can lead to an improvement in profits. According to many experts, Six Sigma is now one of the most popular methodologies for management. A Six Sigma quality is a term which generally gets used to indicate a process that is well controlled.

Six Sigma: a definition

Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques for the improvement of processes. This method was developed by Motorola in 1986 and nowadays gets used in many industrial sectors. The Lean Six Sigma method seeks to improve the quality of process outcomes by identifying and removing the errors and minimizing the variability in the manufacturing process. Different definitions have been used for Six Sigma, but there are a few common threads they all share.

  • A use of teams which are assigned to well-defined projects that have a direct impact on the organization’s financial balance.
  • Training in statistical thinking for employees at all levels and providing key people with an extensive training in project management. These key people get called the ‘Black Belts’.
  • An emphasis on the DMAIC approach to solve problems. The DMAIC methodology has five phases: defining the system, measuring key aspects of the process, analyzing cause-and-effect relationships, improving the current process based upon data found and controlling the future process.
  • An environment that supports the above initiatives as a business strategy.

The main idea behind Six Sigma or the Lean method is that by measuring how many defects you have in a process, you can systematically figure out how to eliminate them. You can think about Six Sigma at three different levels: as a metric, as a methodology and as a management system.

Six Sigma as a metric is often used as a scale for the level of quality of products and services. It’s a scale for the amount of defect per one million opportunities, which you try to reduce to as close as zero as you can get. Six Sigma has become more of a methodology through the years, not only focusing on the amount of defects in processes but also on customer requirements and achieving these by improving business processes. Six Sigma as a management system is a high performance system for executing business strategies. By mobilizing teams, aligning the business strategy to the improvement efforts and sustaining the improvements the implementation of Six Sigma can continue to have a positive effect on the process and profits of a company.

Products to help implement Six Sigma

Six Sigma

An important feature of the Six Sigma methodology is increasing the efficiency of a business process by reducing the amount of defects and the variability in this process. At Jekashop we offer a range of products which can help reduce the variability and defects in a process by improving the efficiency of the production process and creating an orderly work environment. Floor marking can be used to create lines, paths, work areas or storage areas. Thanks to the large variety of colours and shapes we provide, your workplace can be designed in a efficient, productive and safe manner. Barcode labels or warehouse labels can be used to speed up the logistical process. By using these labels in your warehouse your employees will easily and quickly recognize products or materials they need and with our variety of colors you can easily categorize your products. Safety mirrors provide your employees with a good overview of the workspace, which can prevent accidents and thereby reduce time wasted. Our safety mirrors can also be used to speed up the production process, by providing a good view of products on conveyor belts. Location signs can be used to indicate sections, aisles and other locations in your warehouse or production environment. Just as with barcode and warehouse labels these can speed up the logistical process by defining clear sections and areas. Except these products we also offer other products which can be useful in the implementation of methods such as the Lean Six Sigma method such as impact protection and platform ladders.

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