An organised warehouse is a safe and efficient warehouse. One of the many ways to organise your work environment is by the use of printed labels.  These printed labels can be used to indicate storage areas for products or other specific areas. By using custom printed labels your employees are able to find materials or products in an efficient and structured manner.

Printed labels

A label is a piece of paper or other material which is applied to a container, product or in our case structure.  This label provides written or printed information about the product or section which it indicates. Where common product labels usually provide information about a product’s origin, use and disposal, printed labels used in a warehouse environment have a different function. When an order picker gathers the products needed, printed labels can be used to find the products and register the different serial numbers.

All our printed labels are laminated, in contrast to many of the labels made by our competitors. This way, we can guarantee a long lifetime for your labels. A transparent top layer on our printed labels assures you of an excellent protection of the print and prevents any dirt affecting the label. Because of our laminated top layer our printed labels can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The self-adhesive stickers have a strong adhesive layer and can be placed on any smooth and flat surface. This adhesive layer meets the highest standards and sticks to practically every common rack or smooth surface.

We offer three different types of printed labels:

  • Loka’s: a normal printed label on which you can print a location number and barcode.
  • Duo-Loka’s: a label on which two different locations numbers and corresponding barcodes can be placed.
  • Long distance Loka’s: A label designed to use where scan distances are long or when lighting conditions are not optimal.


Do you have any questions about our Loka-labels or do you need advice in which Loka is best suitable for your needs? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors.

Custom printed labels

At JekaShop we offer different types of printed labels, such as barcode labels and warehouse labels. To make sure we have the right custom label for you all our printed labels can be customised. The standard background colours used for our custom labels are yellow and white, you can however choose from a range of other colours such as red, green, orange and blue. To make sure the labels can be read easily, we always print the text in black. You can choose to print location numbers on the custom label, but you can also choose to put text on them such as article codes or names. Our labels come in different colours and sizes, which are all available upon request. You can also determine the character height, but to make sure the text can be read this height should be in accordance with the maximum reading distance desired. 

This video provides more information about our custom printed labels and which character height can be recommended in your work environment.

Printed labels: barcode labels

At JekaShop we call barcode labels Loka’s, which is short for location identification. These printed labels are essential in many of the logistical processes taking place in the warehouse.  Our pre-printed barcode labels can be used on the racks in your warehouse, to indicate the product which is stored in this specific section. Our barcode labels come in various colours and sizes and can be order as a magnetic label or self-adhesive sticker. Take a look at our range of barcode labels. The advantage of this type of printed label is the barcode and check digit which can be printed on the label, in addition to the location number printed on it.

The following barcodes are part of our standard product range:

  • Code 128: can contain numbers as well as letters (alphanumeric), 128 different characters;
  • Code 39: can contain numbers as well as letters (alphanumeric), 43 different characters;
  • 2/5 interleaved: can only contain numbers (numeric), 0 through 9.

Labels with different barcode types, like EAN 128 or Data Matrix, are also available on request. Are you wondering if your barcode type is available? Or do you have any other questions about our printed labels? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors.