The safety of your work environment should be of high priority, especially when your employees work in a warehouse or similar environment. One of the reasons is that workers in warehousing have a higher than average chance of being seriously injured at work. One of the ways to ensure the safety of your employees is by the use of photoluminescent tape. This tape can help you in the organization of your work environment by indicating routes, areas and other paths. One of the advantages of using photoluminescent tape is that this tape is able to indicate these routes both during the day as well as at night, when there is a blackout, or when an area experiences both light and dark periods. This ensures the safety of your employees at all times.  

Photoluminescent tape

The use of tape in the indication of storage areas, work areas and routes in your work environment  is preferable to the use of paint. Paint has the risk of chipping, which means you have to replace it a lot sooner than when you use tape. Painting also means you have to take in consideration additional drying time, while tape can be used right after application. Also the application of straight lines is very easy when you use tape, where with paint it’s a lot more difficult to make sure you paint a straight line. This means that tape is not only the cheaper, but also the more durable option in the organization of your work environment.

Why photoluminescent tape?

Photoluminescence is described as light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons. What this means is that photoluminescent matter exposed to light absorbs the light and is able to emit the light at a later time. Our photoluminescent tape is however energized by a non-toxic and non-radioactive mineral to ensure it is functioning for a long period of time when there is no light. Photoluminescent or luminous material is better known under the name glow in the dark. The use of glow in the dark tape can help your employees find their way, even when it’s dark. Not only does this increase efficiency, it can also be of vital importance in the safety of your workers. Use luminous tape to improve the safety and efficiency of your work environment. Take a look at our range of different types of photoluminescent tape, which have been designed for different uses.

Glow in the dark tape can be used on stairwell steps, handrails, corridors, instruments and controls. Luminous tape is also very useful in the indication of different routes. Where photoluminescent tape can be used to indicate escape routes in the case of a dangerous situation, you can also use luminous tape to indicate other routes such as transportation routes or walk paths. A safe, orderly, efficient warehouse is a key to a successful operation. Creating a safe work environment requires some effort, but brings benefits to both employees and management. For example, less risks for you employees as well as an increased productivity. With the organization of a safe warehouse, you also create an efficient warehouse. When employees know what they’re supposed to do and how they’re supposed to do it, they can prevent workplace disruptions and being absent due to an injury.

Photoluminescent tape at Jekashop 

Photoluminescent tape

At Jekashop we sell adhesive photoluminescent tape that is very durable and ideal for floor route markings in a warehouse or other work environment. Photoluminescent tape is especially ideal for highlighting routes in the dark. The tape becomes luminescent and gives a green glow so your workers are able to see where they’re going when there is limited light. When the lights are on however, this tape still indicates the routes because of its white color in normal light. Our photoluminescent tape is of high quality and also has an anti-slip surface. Therefore this tape can be extensively used in warehouses, distribution centers and other work environments. One of the advantages of using adhesive tape over paint is the fact that the tape can be applied without any additional drying time. The tape comes with a removable filmic liner, allowing fast and easy application. The advantage of photoluminescent tape over normal tape is that you secure your workers with a safe and functional work environment at any time of the day.

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