OSHA regulations

A safe, healthy and productive work environment is essential for your company and employees. By preventing workplace risks, implementing good practices and sharing knowledge OSHA aims to raise awareness and create safe workplaces throughout the world. Although OSHA created regulations primarily aimed at work environments in the United States, these regulations have now been adopted in countries all over the world.

An important part in workplace safety is identifying and assessing risks at work and implementing the accurate regulations to prevent accidents or hazardous situations taking place. By implementing OSHA regulations you can be sure that your workplace is a safe and comfortable environment for your employees to work. These OSHA regulations are a product of ongoing research into workplace safety and are finalised side-by-side with governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations. Important aspects in OSHA regulations are setting and enforcing standards, providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Jekashop offers products with which you can increase safety in your work environment, feel free to have a look at our range.

OSHA regulations in Europe

OSHA is short for Occupational Safety & Health Administration, this is a department of the United States Department of Labor created by Congress. The administrator OSHA is the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, who answers to the Secretary of Labor. This secretary is a member of the cabinet of the President of the United States. Although OSHA is an American initiative, the OSHA regulations also play an important part in maintaining safety in workplaces through Europe. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, also called EU-OSHA, is committed to making European workplaces safer, healthier and more productive. One of the important aspects of this initiative is promoting a culture of risk prevention to improve working conditions through Europe.  

OSHA regulations, risk assessment tools

The European Agency for Safety and Health at work monitors, collects and analyses scientific findings and other statistical information to provide employers with prevention measures. By sharing this information and creating practical solutions the EU-OSHA can help you make your work environment a safe and comfortable workplace for your employees. Risk assessment is an essential measure in the prevention of occupational accidents and is a key process for any healthy workplace. One of the projects EU-OSHA has created is the OiRA project, the online interactive risk assessment project which provides a practical solution for risk assessment. There are five key steps in the OiRA process: preparation, identification, evaluation, action plan and report. By following these steps this tool will create an action plan tailored to meet the needs of your individual company’s requirements. Read more about OiRA and how to access this online tool. OiRA is one of many tools worldwide which can help you assess the risks present in your work environment. For this reason, EU-OSHA has created a risk assessment tools database where you can search for tools in various ways, including by the topic covered, by sector or by country.

OSHA regulations put into practiceOSHA regulations

Good standards of safety and health in a work environment start with a structured and efficient layout of your work space. Hazards should be eliminated whenever possible, and risks from hazards that cannot be eliminated should be reduced. There should also be clear procedures in place and your employees should always be informed about the latest rules and regulations. The products we sell at Jekashop can help you when implementing OSHA regulations and creating a structured and efficient workplace. By using floor marking you can easily indicate storage areas, work areas, walkways or transportations routes. Our floor markings come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Another product category we have which can be used when implementing OSHA regulations is impact protection. Impact protection can be used to prevent accidents or reducing the damage caused by accidents occurring. At Jekashop we sell impact protection such as barriers, fences, guards and wall or corner protection. Safety mirrors are a efficient way of further improving the safety in your work environment and preventing accidents. These mirrors can be used at corners, crossings and blind spots to make sure your employees are fully aware of their surroundings and other people in the workspace. Jekashop offers of 50 different types of safety mirrors, which come in different shapes and sizes. Another product well suited for the implementation of OSHA regulations is the location sign. With location signs you can also indicate aisles, racks, sections or other areas in your workspace. These location signs are designed for quick orientation, improving the efficiency and safety of your work environment. Last, but definitely not least we offer platform ladders, a mobile work platform. This platform ladder provides your employees with a very efficient and safe way to reach products or other needed equipment.