It is not always possible to scan barcode labels at the corresponding location. For example, when the shelf is too high to reach from the ground with a barcode scanner. In effective warehouse designs, this is overcome by attaching the barcodes to a lower level using a multi-label.

Vertical multi-labelGoing up by staying down

The combination of man-down (the order picker remains on the ground) and high altitude warehouses is common. This makes it difficult in instances where barcode labels are required: the order picker cannot scan the desired barcode quickly and easily.

By moving the barcode labels to a lower level, for instance on the cross-beam or post, this problem is easily solved. The barcodes and location signs for the top levels are included in a ‘multi-label’. A multi-label, as the name suggests, is a combination of multiple location signs and barcodes on a single label.

Multi-label horizontalMulti-labels in various layouts

Multi-labels come in various layouts: horizontal (on the cross-beam) and vertical (on the post). When multi-labels are used, it is wise to make these a different colour than the barcode labels, for instance white while the other labels are yellow. This prevents mix-ups.

In addition, the ideal layout is dependent on your warehouse design and location sign plan. Are you curious which label best suits your situation? Please contact one of our sales advisors.