Magnetic letters and numbers, suitable for placing markings on things like cabinets, signs, shelves, or whiteboards, are available in various sizes and colours at JekaShop. The big advantage of magnetic letters and numbers is their durability, because they can be reused. 

Magnetic letters

Why magnetic numbers and letters?

Why should you use magnetic letters and numbers? An advantage of magnetic lettering is the ability to reuse them. Thanks to their magnetic layer, these letters and numbers can be placed on various surfaces many times. It also makes it possible to constantly create different codes or words when you need it, due to the use of individual symbols. This makes magnetic lettering more durable than self-adhesive letters and numbers.

JekaShop offers both self-adhesive and magnetic letters and numbers. The products can be used to create location numbers on signs, but are also highly suitable for other purposes, such as on whiteboards, shelves, or cabinets. All these letters and numbers can be used on various surfaces.

However, magnetic letters and numbers cannot be used on surfaces where a ferromagnet will not stick. If you want to create location codes, but do not want to place them on non-magnetic surfaces, magnetic lettering is not the best choice. In that case, you are better served by using self-adhesive letters and numbers. Another option is our magnetic label holders, where you can place labels/indexing sets. If you are curious about the options for these, please take a look at our selection of labels and label holders.

Magnetic Letters at JekaShop

Magnetic letters

JekaShop offers an assortment of magnetic letters and numbers in various sizes and colours. Lettering is available in both magnetic and self-adhesive versions. Visit our website and order your magnetic letters. You can enter all the letters and numbers that you want to order, and you can also order all the symbols you need in the same colour and size at the same time.

When you choose magnetic letters, you can reuse these whenever you want, seeing as you can easily change the order of the symbols into a new location number or word, or place the symbols onto a different surface. Therefore, magnetic lettering can be considered a more durable and affordable option.

Do you still have questions about our selection of self-adhesive or magnetic letters and numbers? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.