label holder

Label holders are especially handy if the information on a label has to be changed often, for instance when additional product information on a label changes on a regular basis, like the expiration date. The label holders are well-suited for use on racks and shelves, among other locations.

Label holders: magnetic and self-adhesive

Label holders come in both magnetic and self-adhesive versions. There are two available kinds of self-adhesive label holders: a c-profile label holder and another made of transparent plastic. The magnetic label holder is available in one version: the c-profile. We offer labels with a transparent protective strip for use with the c-profile label holders. Of course your own labels can be made and placed in the magnetic or self-adhesive c-profile label holders.

Magnetic label holders

Magnetic label holder

The magnetic label holders have a couple of advantages over the self-adhesive versions:

    • They are easy to reuse or relocate because of their magnetic back;
    • They are perfectly suited for use in cold and/or humid locations such as refrigerators and freezers.

Self-adhesive label holders

As mentioned before, we offer two kinds of self-adhesive label holders: the c-profile label holders and another flat version made of transparent plastic.

The latter’s self-adhesive strip on the back of the label holder enables it to be attached to all common racks and shelves. The extra ledge at the top of the label holder protects the labels placed inside from dirt accumulation.

Many possible sizes

All our label holders are available in a variety of standard sizes. Are you looking for a different size? No problem. We offer custom sizes on request!

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