The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, also known as EU-OSHA is committed to making Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work. EU-OSHA promotes a culture of risk prevention by sharing the right knowledge to implement good practices in the workplace. To ensure this implementation they have created a European Safety and Health Legislation. By raising awareness for risks involving the workplace EU-OSHA aims to create safe workplaces in all of the European countries.

health and safety legislation

To provide your employees with a safe workplace in which they can be efficient, it is important to implement regulations with which accident and hazardous situations can be prevented. The EU-OSHA regulations can identify and assess risks in your workplace so you can increase the safety and create a comfortable work environment for you employees. 

European Health and Safety Legislation

EU-OSHA is the European Agency for Safety and Health at work, the European equivalent of OSHA which is a part of the United States Department of Labor. These organizations are concerned with the safety and health of people in workplaces all over the world. To create safe work environments the EU-OSHA has issued a health and safety legislation to be implemented in workplaces in European countries.

This health and safety legislation has been a product of ongoing research into workplace safety and is finalized side-by-side with governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations. Important aspects in this European health and safety legislation are setting and enforcing certain standards, providing the right training, outreach and assistance. Jekashop offers products which can be very helpful in the implementation of these standards in your work environment. Feel free to have a look at our range.

This health and safety legislation created by the EU-OSHA consists of a wide variety of Community measures in the field of safety and health at work. The directives in this health and safety legislation are legally binding and are adopted by European standards organizations. The Framework Directive with its wide scope of application and other directives focusing on safety and health at work are the fundamentals of European Safety and Health Legislation. These directives set out minimum requirements and fundamental principles, as well as the responsibilities of employers and employees themselves. The European legislation include:

-       European Directives

-       European Guidelines

-       European Standards

 European Directives: A directive is a legal act and obliges countries to transpose it into national law within a set deadline. A directive enters force once it gets published in the Official Journal of the EU. European directives on safety and health in the workplace have their legal foundation in a Treaty founded by the European Union, which gives the EU authority to adopt directives in the work field. These directives set out minimum health and safety requirements with which employees are protected from harm caused in a work environment.

European Guidelines: Guidelines are non-binding documents with which the implementation of directives can be facilitated. These guidelines get issued in various forms including practical guidelines setting out best practice for the prevention of risks or in the case of exposure to various hazards.

European Standards: A ‘harmonized standard’ is a standard adopted by one of the European standardization organizations following a request from the European Commission. The so-called ‘New Approach’ is a innovative way of technical harmonization by splitting the responsibilities concerning safety in the workplace between the European Legislator and the European standards bodies.

Health and safety legislation put into practicehealth and safety legislation

The implementation of good standards for safety and health in a work environment start with an efficient and structured layout of the workspace. The right layout of your workspace can eliminate hazards and reduce the risk caused by hazards that cannot completely be eliminated. Besides a structured layout of your workspace, there should also be procedures in place of which your employees are well informed. The products we sell at Jekashop can aid you in the implementation of this health and safety legislation set by OSHA-EU.

With the use of floor marking you can indicate different areas, walkways and other transportation routes. The floor marking we offer are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Another product category we offer at Jekashop which can be used to implement health and safety legislation is impact protection. Products for impact protection can be used to prevent accidents or reduce damage caused by accidents occurring. At Jekashop we have different products in impact protection such as fences, barriers, guards and wall or corner protection.

Another product we sell is safety mirrors, which provide an efficient way to further improve the safety in your work place and prevent accidents. Safety mirrors can be used at crossings, corners and blind spots to make sure your employees are fully aware of their surroundings and other people in the workspace. At Jekashop we offer up to 50 different types of safety mirrors, which come in different sizes and shapes. Another product well suited for the implementation of health and safety legislation is the location sign. With the use of location signs you can indicate racks, sections, aisles or other areas in your work environment. The location signs we offer are designed for quick orientation, improving the safety and efficiency of your workplace.

And last, but definitely not least we offer platform ladders, which can be seen as a mobile work platform. This platform ladder can provide your employees with an efficient and safe way to reach products or other needed equipment in the workspace.