Looking to place markings on a floor? JekaShop has the solution: floor tape. The tape comes in all shapes, colours, sizes, and quality levels. With our floor tape, you can quickly and easily place markings and lining on the floor of for instance an office, carpark, school, workshop or hospital. 

floor tape

Floor tape: the alternative to painting

Paint is often used to make lines on the floor of a building. These painted lines quickly fade or get damaged. It is also not easy to remove the painted lines from the floor or modify them. By using floor tape you don’t have these worries.

In comparison to painted lines, floor tape has the advantage that it doesn’t require any drying time. This means the lines are ready to use immediately. What’s more, placing the tape is much quicker and removing it is easy.

JekaShop floor tape is of excellent quality and very durable. Not convinced? Request a free sample and test our floor tape yourself.

Wide selection of floor tape

JekaShop has a wide selection of floor tape, in various shapes, colours, sizes, and quality levels. This selection range includes the following products:

Curious about the differences between these products? Read the following blog post (floor marking: a summary of the differences). 

Vloertape voetstap anti slipAlso anti-slip floor tape

There is also anti-slip tape available: floor marking and safety in a single product. Anti-slip tape is the solution for preventing slipping and is ideal for placing lines in pallet storage spaces, workshops, walking aisles or transport routes.

Floor tape on a roll or in other shapes

Floor marking comes in various shapes. For instance, the standard lines (on rolls of different sizes), but JekaShop also has various other shapes.

For example dots, triangles, arrows, corner pieces, X-pieces, T-pieces, ovals and footprints. You can use these floor tape shapes to create walking aisles or walking routes.