Floor marking tape is a popular alternative for painted lines.. For example, the tape is used to realize walkways or pallet places on floors. But a frequent question is, how do I install it? In this blog post we describe step by step how to install the floor marking tape with optimal results. 


Before starting the installation , it is important that the following preparations are carried out

    • Ensure that the floor surface is dry, clean and grease-free
    • For the simple installation of the circular floor marking (dots), you can make use of the attached measuring tape on which a mark is set at every 25 cm.

Floor marking installation: step by step

Now that this is behind us, the installation of the floor marking can really begin

    • Remove the floor marker backing paper.
    • Place the floor marker on the designated location and lightly tap the polished surface with a rubber faced hammer.
    • To achieve optimal results, the minimum temperature of the floor surface should be above freezing point when putting the floor markings in place.

In contrast to painted lines, the markers are ready for use immediately.  And, as described, the installation of the floor markings is very simple.