In a warehouse environment a lot of your products, materials and equipment need to be moved around. To make sure your products and equipment don’t get damaged, it is important to think about impact protection. Not only does impact protection keep your employees safe from harm, it can reduce or even prevent damage caused by accidents. Wall protection or corner protectors can keep your materials safe while moving them around in your work environment.

corner protectors

A corner protector, also called corner guard, corner bead or corner moulding can be any vertical moulding used to protect the external angle of two intersecting surfaces. Another definition for corner protectors is that these are strips of formed galvanized iron, sometimes combined with a strip of metal lath which get placed on corners before plastering to reinforce them. This means corner protectors can be used to protect the corners of your table, desk or wall and works as a bumper to soften the blow caused by a collision. Have a look at the wall and corner protection we offer at Jekashop.

Corner protectors are a type of wall protection with which you can keep your inventory safe and at the same time make sure your walls don´t get damaged when something is moved around. Not only do corner protectors keep your products safe, they also create a safe work environment in which your employees can do their work without worrying about damaging the walls or equipment. This means that the use of wall and corner impact protection even increases the efficiency of your industrial work environment.

Corner protectors at Jekashop

At Jekashop we offer different products to help you organize your workplace and keep your workers and materials safe. One of our product categories is called impact protection and in this category we offer products such as column protection, safety barriers, protection beams and bollards. Take a look at the different products in our  category impact protection. Although these products are often used to divide certain areas and keep employees safe, they can also protect your walls and corners.

Other than these products, our wall- and corner protection is specifically designed for this purpose. As you just read our protectors come in to different shapes. One of the shapes is flat and can be used to protect your wall, the other shape is designed to fit around corners to protect the corners at your entrances or other doorways.

This wall and corner protection is a reasonable addition to your range of goods regarding the protection of inventory, materials and your building. A few of the details of our wall- and corner protection:

    • Impact resistant and robust
    • RA 1 reflective warning marking
    • Very user friendly
    • Easy to install, delivery with all needed fixings
    • For outdoor- and indoor use
    • Shapes for walls or corners

Because of the robust design of our wall- and corner protectors they are impact resistant. Not only does this keep your equipment and building safe, this also means it is not necessary to replace them following a collision or accident. Because of the durability of our wall- and corner protectors you will be able to protect your walls for quite a while without worrying about replacing them.      

Jekashop is the right place for all your different safety needs, we offer the right impact protection to ensure the safety of your employees. Not only do we offer corner protectors to keep your walls intact, we also have safety barriers, crash protection guards, bollards, column protection and protection beams. Take a look at all these products in our web shop.

If you have any questions concerning our corner protectors, other products or the implementation of our impact protection in your warehouse, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will gladly advice you on which products to use to ensure the safety or your employees, products and building.