The large assortment of impact protection at JekaShop also include bollards. These bollards are useful for protecting entrances and exits, parking spots, machines or warehouse structures against damage from collisions. The bollards come in plastic and steel variants and in different sizes.

D-flexx bollards

The D-flexx bollard is made of special, flexible plastic. This means it does not need to be replaced after an impact as it simply pops back to its original shape. Since it is made of plastic, it does not rust. Therefore, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is highly visible thanks to its bright yellow colour. Available in in the lengths of 50, 75 and 120 cm.

Rambowl® Crash Protection Bollards

Rambowl® crash protection bollards are made of polyurethane, making the, very robust and rust-free. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Highly suitable for use in the food industry. These bollards are available in three different diameters and come with yellow, black, and red striped markings. All bollards are 100 cm in height.

Steel collision post

Steel collision post for floor mounting

The collision post for floor mounting is made of high quality steel for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a base for easy installation on the floor. The post is 1200 mm in height and available in different diameters (ø 76 mm, ø 89 mm, ø 159 mm). The post is clearly visible due to its yellow powder coating and black markings.

Steel collision post to set in concrete

The collision post for setting in concrete is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. This product does not require a base. This is ideal for permanent collision protection of machines, inventory and vulnerable areas. This collision post is TÜV certified and is 1600 mm in height, 400 mm of which will be set in concrete with 1200 mm remaining above the ground.

Should you have any special wishes or questions about our bollard range, please contact us.