A structured work place is an efficient and safe work place. A very useful product to increase the efficiency and safety of your work place by structuring it, is anti slip tape. Anti slip tape provides floor marking and safety in one single product. JekaShop offers different sorts of anti slip tape to fit every need.

Anti slip tape

Anti-slip tape is a very good solution with which you can prevent your employees from slipping, for example when they are carrying heavy materials while descending a staircase. Anti slip tape is also ideal to mark different lines, storage sections for pallets, walkways, other transport routes or workspaces.

The anti slip tape we offer at Jeka has been specially designed for application in a warehouse, factory hall or similar environment. However, our anti-slip tape can also be used in other environments, such as stores and hospitals. Anti slip tapes are used by companies the reduce the potential risk of slips and falls in the workplace and can therefore be an essential part of all these different work areas.

Why anti slip tape?

To increase the efficiency and safety or your work environment it is important to structure your work space in a logical way. Tape is always a better option than paint to indicate the different aisles, routes and areas in your work space. By using tape you don’t have to worry about a long downtime when applying, the tape is easy to apply and your employees can get to work straight away. With paint you have to make sure the lines are painted straight and you have to wait for it to completely dry. Another reason tape is a better option than paint is durability. Tape lasts a lot longer than paint, which tends to chip after a while. Another advantage of tape is that it can be applied to almost any surface, which is a lot trickier with paint. Overall, tape is the cheaper and better option in floor marking.

When you decide to go for tape for your floor markings, a way to increase safety is using anti slip tape. The anti-slip top layer of our slip-resistant tape is not only useful in marking, it also decreases the chance of your employees slipping and falling over while working. This makes anti slip tape the safer option for your employees, which increases the efficiency of your work space. You can use this slip-resistant tape on steps, floors, decking areas and staircases. At JekaShop we offer high quality anti-slip tape in different forms.

If you would like to sample our anti-slip tape before you buy it, you can request a free anti-slip tape sample pack here.

Anti slip tape at JekaShop

JekaShop offers different kinds of anti slip tape to reduce the risk of accidents in your work space. That way, we are sure we can always provide you with the right anti-slip tape for your needs. Our anti slip tape is self-adhesive, intended for indoor application and of course equipped with an anti-slip top layer. Because the slip-resistant tape is self-adhesive application can be done in minutes, which means you won’t have to delay the work in your workspace for long.

Anti slip tape

The anti-slip tape is available in various forms, but you can also purchase our tape as a roll. Because our anti-slip tape is available in different colours and styles, it can be used in work environments to indicate different meanings or areas.

JekaShop offers different sorts of anti slip tape:

Our photo luminescent tape can be bought as a rol land is ideal for floor route markings. This tape is extremely durable, which means it can easily endure the weight of heavy machinery. The anti-slip tape is luminous (or glow in the dark) and is therefore a good addition to the structuration of your warehouse. The tape is available in different widths and comes in rolls of 30 metres.

Our anti slip tape in the form of a walking man gives your employees and other pedestrians the assurance that they’re allowed to walk in that area or path. You can order this tape in the form of a walking man in different colours such as blue, green, red etcetera. You can also order the walking man made of photo luminescent tape, which increases the safety of your employees when they are walking in a poorly lit area.

Our anti slip tape in the form of a forklift can be used to notify your employees or other pedestrians in your work environment about fork lift activity. This tape can mark your fork lift operating areas. This tape can also be ordered in different colours and can also be ordered in a photo luminescent version to increase the safety of your employees.

Would you prefer to sample our anti-slip tape first? Please do! Request a free anti-slip tape sample pack here.