To make order filling as efficient and smooth as possible, at the start of your warehouse planning take into account that every location should be assigned a number and every location should hold only one type of product.

Division of locations

a number for every locationBy providing every location with a number and using a different location for each product, you avoid order fillers having to make decisions when they reach the right location number. This way, the order filler need only focus on the location indicator and not on the content of that location. In addition to the location number you can also use a barcode label and/or a check digit for additional control.

Double-sided location indication

It is recommended to base your warehouse layout on double-sided location indicators. This means numbering the locations with even numbers on one side and uneven on the other, like street numbers. This numbering method is generally so familiar and accepted that it will contribute to easy warehouse navigation.

Indicating locations of large products

For large items, we recommend the use of two locations. The location number of only one of these locations is used while the other is blocked in your system. This maintains a high level of flexibility in your warehouse layout: if smaller products are later stored at that location, you can always decide to use both location numbers separately.

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