For an effective warehouse layout, your block stacking and other floor locations will need signposting as well. Scan boards are the perfect solution. The coding on the scan boards is displayed through magnetic numbers and/or letters and a long distance barcode.

Scan boards for ceiling installation

Signposting for ceiling installation

The scan boards for ceiling installation are attached above or behind the pallet space or block stacking. The long distance barcode makes it possible to scan from greater distances. The boards have a bent section making it possible to also scan from directly underneath it.


Double signposting for ceiling installation

Double scan boards for ceiling installationThe double scan board for ceiling installation is specially designed for use in the loading/unloading areas. This scan board has the barcode and location number on the front and back, making it possible to be read and scanned from two sides. Currently, this particular scan board is only available via our sales department.


Scan boards for wall installation


Signposting for wall installation

Does your warehouse layout prevent you from attaching the scan boards to the ceiling? If so, the scan board for wall installation is the right solution for signposting your pallet spaces and block stacking. This variation is also ideal for use in freezers and/or refrigerators.